Thorough Land Surveying in Buffalo, NY

When you think of land surveying, you may think about marking boundaries so you can put up a fence. That is one type of survey, but there are many others including land title surveys, topographic surveys, construction surveys, and easement surveys. McIntosh & McIntosh offer all of those services.

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Why Do You Need a Land Survey?

Common reasons to contact land surveyors include if you want to buy or sell a piece of land, divide land into smaller lots, or install a septic system or fencing. At McIntosh & McIntosh, we use specific equipment to get the information we need. Technology like prisms, radios, GPSs, and robotic total stations (RTS) allow us to get accurate information about the land.

Why Do You Need Land Surveyors?

Land surveying isn't something that just anyone can do with a tape measure and stakes. It takes knowledge in physics, math, engineering, and law. At McIntosh & McIntosh, we have both the expertise and specialized equipment it takes to give you a detailed, accurate, and legal land survey.

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